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June 20, 2018
Volume 15 No. 6

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Article Submission

Submission Guidelines

Articles are accepted on an on-going basis and can be sent  directly to Managing Editor Sue Wintz at

PlainViews® is committed to providing on a frequent and timely basis, a place for professional readership to find, present, and discuss information in order to translate knowledge and skills into effective professional practice to care for the human spirit. The views expressed are those of the author, not of the publisher, HealthCare Chaplaincy NetworkTM.

Authors are not paid or otherwise compensated for their articles.

All submissions may be edited and republished by PlainViews® or HealthCare Chaplaincy NetworkTM in any format.

The mission of PlainViews® is “translating knowledge and skills into effective chaplaincy practice and care for the human spirit.  Articles that correspond to this mission include:

  • Best practices and program resources
  • Core values of chaplaincy, i.e., clinical issues, best practices, cutting edge programs, and areas of specialization
  • Issues impacting multifaith practice, multicultural competency, diversity training programs, and resources for providing care to a specific faith tradition
  • Summaries of information gained in research programs focusing on spirituality and coping/healing, education programs such as cultural diversity training, approaches within CPE, and teaching of multidisciplinary staff
  • Resources including, but not limited to, spiritual assessment tools, programs to share, advocacy tools within the institution, policies, and other practice resources
  • Legislation or regulation that impacts chaplains and other spiritual care providers, promoting chaplains as integral members of the interdisciplinary care team, and spiritual care as a crucial component of healthcare
  • Care of the soul and spirit, self-care for the caregiver, and spiritual pathways for specific care paths
  • Reviews of books, web resources, movies, and other resources that may be useful to professional readers

Articles are encouraged to provide summary questions to engage readers in dialogue.  All comments made by readers are published at the end of each article.

All references to other works must contain the proper reference credits.  PlainViews® follows APA style, the editorial style that social and behavioral sciences have adopted to present written material in the field.   An online guide with quick answers to APA style can be found here.

There is no minimum or maximum word limit to articles.  The PlainViews® editors will provide feedback and suggestions as may be needed to authors' manuscripts.

PlainViews® does not publish articles of chaplains’ personal reflections, poems, and prayers that do not fit the publication’s mission to find, present, and discuss information that will help subscribers strengthen their professional expertise.

If authors wish to submit an article to PlainViews® that has been previously published in another association newsletter or journal, authors must follow the primary publication's guidelines as to whether they allow republication with proper credit given to the newsletter or journal or it is now allowed.  Authors are required to submit to PlainViews®, along with their article, the name of the previous publication and contact information of its editor so republication rights can be confirmed.  If authors plan to submit an article to both PlainViews® as well as another newsletter, it is recommended that the author consult with the other publication as guidelines often differ regarding accepting submissions known to be published in another journal, even with original credit given to the primary (first) publication.

Authors who wish to have their books considered for a review in PlainViews® should have their publisher send an advance copy to the PlainViews® editorial team.  Authors may submit an excerpt from books to be considered for publication, however these must meet the guidelines regarding the mission of PlainViews®PlainViews® does not endorse or promote specific books; authors who wish to have an ad placed regarding their books for marketing purposes should contact the editoral team for pricing.

Publication of submitted articles is not guaranteed, although the managing editor will provide feedback and support to writers. PlainViews®  permits the reproduction of articles published here, with acknowledgement of the author and the source.

Authors submitting a manuscript do so with the understanding that if it is accepted for publication, copyright belongs with HealthCare Chaplaincy Network including the right to reproduce the article, with the author's byline, in all forms and media.

PlainViews®  is committed to respecting cultural, religious, and spiritual diversity, and does not publish articles that attempt to proselytize or demean persons.  Authors' submissions must bear in mind that the readers of PlainViews represent a multitude of spiritual and religious traditions.

Published authors are asked to monitor comments to their articles and when appropriate to respond in order to encourage ongoing professional dialogue.

PlainViews®  is a peer-supported journal, whose writers seek to commit to to contributing articles that meet its mission to encourage best practice in chaplaincy care and the integration of spirituality in healthcare.